The McCoy Agency offers auto, homeowners & life insurance through MetLife.
About MetLife

MetLife offers both Term Life and Permanent Life insurance coverage. The McCoy Agency can discuss the terms and provisions of each policy to determine which is most suitable for your situation.

MetLife also offers home insurance as a means to protect your valuable investment. Home insurance can protect you from damages to your home, its contents or even from financial liability if someone outside of your household is injured and you are found to be responsible. Taking the time now to understand home insurance will help you to fend off potential financial misfortune in the future.

A basic home policy covers perils, which are specifically named risks such as lightning, theft, fire, smoke, wind and explosion. One thing to remember with this type of policy; any risk that is not mentioned specifically in your policy is not covered. From some insurance companies you are able to purchase special policies that cover the house for all perils except those explicitly excluded by the policy though, such as pet damage.

Exclusions and Additional Coverage

Read your home policy carefully to find out what is excluded from coverage. In addition to excluded perils, your coverage may exclude:

Property and liability of tenants, roomers or boarders.  Tenants may opt to purchase renters insurance.
Business liability for damages resulting from home business activities and professional services. Talk to your insurance agent about separate business-related coverage.
Lightning damage to trees, plants, shrubs and lawns.
Debris removal  (for example, removal of wind damaged trees that have fallen and are leaning on your house).
Fire department service charges

You can add to your package by purchasing additional coverages, such as:



Flood (must be purchased separately from the federal National Flood Insurance Program).
Reasonable repairs to prevent a further loss, such as boarding-up a hole in your roof damaged by fire to prevent rain from getting inside.
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